Fly rods Custom (handmade in Poland)

Our custom rods are handcrafted in Poland. We put an attention to the smallest details like varnish amount on guides and silky thread. We created the unique light and durable, thin wire guides specially for euro nymphing with nylon. These details make the rod lighter, more sensitive. We also developed and manufacture high performance blanks. Each rod is built individually. You can adjust handle shape, wooden inserts colors and sort, thread color or write your name on the blank. We have also carbon finish with carbon handle. For the 11 feet Competitors we recommend down locking reel seat. It’s also worth to say that our rods are real AFTM class rods, there are many 11 feet nymph rods on the market described as 3 LW but when you measure them precisely it turns out that the real AFTM class is 4#. We specialize in building high performance euro nymphing rods. Our rods are very sensitive and keep even small fish. Blank bends deeper, progressively. The biggest attitude of our blanks is ability to cast precisely small and light nymphs. We sell the rods to may EU countries and to US and always get positive feedback from our customers. Thank you! #Team Ego

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